Thinking Biblically About Cruelty And Evil

Jul 16th, 2022 | By

We are living in an age awash in cruelty—not only with abuse scandals, but also with political barbarism and the horrific atrocities in Ukraine. But perhaps the most disheartening are the mass shootings we have witnessed these past few months: The vicious, racially motivated slaughter in Buffalo (10 killed and 3 wounded by a white gunman, an adherent to the pernicious racist conspiracy theory) and the unimaginable heartbreak in Uvalde, Texas—19 Robb Elementary children and 2 teachers: “Children having their tomorrows taken away.”

The Systematic Crisis In The Southern Baptist Convention

Jul 9th, 2022 | By

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is in grave crisis. In May, the SBC released a report, the “Report of the Independent Investigation,” produced by a third-party investigator, Guidepost Solutions, and totaling almost 300 pages, which “alleged that the denomination’s top leaders had suppressed reports of sexual abuse, opposed proposals for reform, and denigrated and discouraged abuse victims who approached them for help. One of the report’s most shocking revelations was the existence of an internal list of 703 suspected abusers, compiled by an employee of the denomination’s executive committee, its national leadership body.”

The End Of Roe v. Wade: Now What?

Jul 2nd, 2022 | By

First, a review of the 1973 Roe decision. In December 1971, the Court heard oral arguments brought by an anonymous plaintiff, which contended that the Texas laws forbidding her from having an abortion were unconstitutional. A majority of the justices agreed. Harry Blackman was assigned the responsibility to write the opinion, but he was uncertain where in the Constitution this legal right was grounded and how late in the pregnancy the right was to be granted. He grounded his decision on an implied right of privacy found in the Constitution.

The Heroic Courage Of Mike Pence

Jun 25th, 2022 | By

Former Vice President Mike Pence has never hidden his faith in Jesus Christ or his values and standards as a Christian. In terms of loyalty to the president over his four years of service (2017-2021), Pence was exemplary. But, when faced with the brutal realties of the insurrection on 6 January 2021 and the pressure he was feeling from the president, his faith gave him the stability and forthrightness to do the right thing—to stand for truth and to defend the Constitution. Let’s think together about the heroic courage of Mike Pence on that fateful day in January 2021.

What Is Happening To The Church?

Jun 18th, 2022 | By

Samuel Goh, lecturer of Old Testament at Brisbane Theological Seminary in Australia, has recently written of the “social reality” of American evangelicalism: A polarization that is paralyzing the evangelical church. Consider some of his observations

The Wisdom Of Organic Farming?

Jun 11th, 2022 | By

In 1988, Mother Teresa and James Lovelock, advocate of the Gaia hypothesis, got into an argument at Oxford University’s Global Forum for Survival. [The doctrine of Gaia, most famously represented in Rosemary Ruether’s book Gaia and God: An Ecofeminist Theology of Earth Healing, argues that male domination of women and male domination of nature are interconnected. She defines “sin” as wrong relationships among human beings and between them and the rest of nature that foster not just economic and political injustice and racism and sexism, but also the destruction of the entire created order. The Gaia hypothesis centers on the thesis that the earth is a living creature. The theory, in fact, imputes a kind of divine power to the Earth.

Idleness vs. Work

Jun 4th, 2022 | By

Historically, America has been known as a nation of committed workers: Phrases such as “rugged individualism,” “pulling oneself up by one’s boot straps,” and the much maligned “Protestant work ethic” are rarely used today. One obvious reason is that America has moved from being an industrial economy to a more service-based economy. Besides, with the COVID pandemic, more people are working from their homes than ever. But the pandemic has also produced what has become known as the “Great Resignation.” Apparently, millions of people have quit working completely.

Is Gestational Surrogacy Ethically Sound?

May 28th, 2022 | By

Having children through surrogacy is increasingly common in the United States, especially the practice of paying women to carry a baby for you. But, other than the United States, only a few countries (e.g., India, Thailand, Ukraine, Mexico) permit paid surrogacy, but even these countries are rethinking the procedure. Thus, there is a significant and growing number of people—generally affluent people—who are coming to the US from Europe, Asia and Australia to have a child via surrogacy. But there are legal and ethical messes that arise in a surrogacy market that is largely unregulated.

Challenging Some Of Our Presuppositions About Abortion

May 21st, 2022 | By

Most Americans are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on the Mississippi case (Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization), which will most likely be handed down in late June 2022. The impact this decision will have on abortion in America was the topic of Issues in Perspective for 8 January 2022. This edition of Issues gives focus to a number of presuppositions related to the volatile ethical issue of abortion.

The Dangers Of Radical Gender Ideology And The Transgender Movement

May 14th, 2022 | By

“What are your pronouns?” Such a seemingly innocuous question actually manifests the fanatical nature of radical gender ideology. As evolutionary biologist Colin Wright demonstrates, “pronouns are now frequently displayed prominently in social-media bios, email signatures and conference name tags . . . there are singular ‘they/them’ pronouns used by ‘nonbinary’ people who identify as neither male nor female, as well as a growing list of bespoke ‘neopronouns’ such as ‘ze/zir’ or ‘fae/faer’ and the even stranger ‘nounself’ neoprouns like ‘bun/bunself’ which, according to the New York Times, are identities that can encompass animals and fantasy characters.” Wright goes on to argue that “Proponents of gender ideology have completely decoupled the terms ‘man,’ ‘woman,’ ‘boy,’ and ‘girl’ from biological sex.