Titus 1:5-8

Apr 21st, 2018 | By

Continuing discussion on the qualities of Leadership in the Church: proven character, proven competence, and proven leadership in their own homes.

Titus 1:3-8

Apr 13th, 2018 | By

Paul writes to Titus on the qualifications for the Godly leaders he is seeking for the Church: Men of godly commitment, conduct, and character.

Titus Introduction

Apr 7th, 2018 | By

Dr. Eckman begins a new study of the Book of Titus, with a historical overview, introduction & discussion of Paul?s salutation to readers.

2 Peter 3:11-18

Apr 6th, 2018 | By

Peter concludes his 2nd letter, re-affirming that the future promises of God should motivate how believers are to live now ? with holiness, purity, peace, & godliness.

2 Peter 3:1

Mar 23rd, 2018 | By

Dr. Eckman begins discussion of 2 Peter, with excellent commentary on ?The Day of the Lord.?

2 Peter 2:10-16

Mar 9th, 2018 | By

Dr. Eckman discusses Peter?s writings on the practices of the apostates: how the contempt & unruliness of these false teachers can be appealing to the weak & unknowing, but will still be met with God?s judgement.

Peter 2:1-10

Mar 5th, 2018 | By

Peter writes of the precepts & punishment of apostates: false heretical teachings, and how God holds false teachers accountable.

Revelation Inspiration Illumination

Feb 24th, 2018 | By

Dr. Eckman reviews & expands on the Christian concepts of Revelation, Inspiration, & Illumination.

2 Peter 1:12-21

Feb 23rd, 2018 | By

Peter reminds us of his commitment to remind believers of the Truth, and reinforces that prophesy does not come from human interpretation or will, but rather comes from divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

2 Peter 1:7-11

Feb 9th, 2018 | By

Peter continues his encouragement to believers: because we have already reached justification in God’s eyes, we are to carry ourselves with holiness & grace, and to love others. Through these actions, we will know Jesus better, as He conforms each of us to be more like Him.