Romans 9:1-13

Sep 23rd, 2022 | By

Paul expresses his agony that His people have rejected Jesus as their Messiah and then begins his defense of God’s sovereign freedom, which extends through chapter 11.

Romans 8:26-39

Sep 16th, 2022 | By

Paul closes this important chapter on sanctification by highlighting the intercessory work of the Spirit, the goal of sanctification and the security of the believer in Christ.

Romans 8:16-27

Sep 9th, 2022 | By

The Holy Spirit confirms we are God’s children, is the source of our hope and prays for us when we cannot verbalize a prayer.

Romans 8:1-11

Sep 2nd, 2022 | By

Paul counsels on the doctrine of sanctification and the Holy Spirit as his answer to the struggles with the flesh in chapter 7.

Romans 7:7-7:25

Aug 26th, 2022 | By

Paul details the struggle at the heart of sanctification–between the flesh and the Spirit.

Romans 6:15-7:6

Aug 19th, 2022 | By

Because we are dead to sin (6:1-14), we are no longer in bondage to sin and we are dead to the Law.

Romans 6:1-6:14

Aug 12th, 2022 | By

As Paul begins his transition from justification to a discussion of sanctification, he constructs the new identity of those who have been justified by faith.

Romans 5:12-5:21

Aug 5th, 2022 | By

Paul explains why, in terms of God’s redemptive plan, Adam and Jesus are the two most important people in history.

Romans 5:1-5:11

Jul 29th, 2022 | By

The Apostle Paul develops the doctrine of our reconciliation with God through the finished work of Jesus Christ. Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

Romans 4:1-4:25

Jul 22nd, 2022 | By

Paul answers the important question, “How was Abraham justified?”