2 Samuel 3:1-5:5

Feb 9th, 2024 | By

The civil war between the House of David and the House of Saul ends with murder, assassination and bloodshed, but David begins to unify the 12 tribes with grace, compassion and justice.

2 Samuel 1:1-2:32

Feb 2nd, 2024 | By

David is crowned king in Hebron but must deal with the civil war orchestrated by Abner.

1 Samuel 30:1-31:12

Jan 26th, 2024 | By

God’s discipline of David re-energizes his walk with God and Saul dies on Mt. Gilboa.

1 Samuel 28:1-29:11

Jan 19th, 2024 | By

Saul hits his spiritual bottom by going to a medium for counsel and David hits his spiritual bottom by his plans to join the Philistines in a war against his own people.

1 Samuel 25:1-44

Jan 12th, 2024 | By

In his confrontation with Nabal, God uses Abigail to teach David to trust God to deal with his enemies, not with vengeance but with justice.

1 Samuel 22:6-24:22

Dec 29th, 2023 | By

After Saul kills the priests at Nob, David’s contrite heart results in a growing dependence on God and profound lesson in leadership.

1 Samuel 20:1-21:15

Dec 22nd, 2023 | By

God continues His work of shaping David’s character and deepening his faith.

1 Samuel 17:41-19:24

Dec 15th, 2023 | By

Saul develops a hatred of David, tries to kill him directly and indirectly and is consumed by jealousy, fear and delusional paranoia.

1 Samuel 16:14-17:47

Dec 8th, 2023 | By

David, anointed to be the next king of Israel, plays music in Saul’s court, soothing his spirit, and declares Goliath the enemy of the true God of Israel.

1 Samuel 15:22-16:13

Dec 1st, 2023 | By

The LORD rejects Saul as King and David is anointed as king, with the Spirit annoying him as well for service.