The Webb Telescope And The Grandeur Of God’s Universe

Mar 18th, 2023 | By

For most of human history, the universe was considered timeless and unchanging; no longer. At the Space Telescope Science Institute, on the Johns Hopkins University campus, a constant torrent of data pours in from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. Launched 13 months ago, Webb is orbiting 940,000 miles above the earth.

Social Media, Branding And Prince Harry

Mar 11th, 2023 | By

The Social Media phenomenon is staggering in its cultural impact. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other media forums dominate the time, the energy and the psychology of so many! For many teens, life without social media is unimaginable. When this phenomenon began, only a few years ago, no one envisioned how powerful it would become. Social media is not evil, per se, but it can be both enslaving and harmful. I am reminded of the Apostle Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 6:12: “’All things are lawful for me,’ but not all things are helpful. ‘All things are lawful’ for me, but I will not be dominated by anything.” [ESV]

Roe v. Wade 50 Years Later: A Few Reflections

Feb 18th, 2023 | By

The 1973 Supreme Court decision, Roe v. Wade, was a watershed in judicial history. The 7-2 decision established the right of a woman to abort her baby up to the point of viability, usually understood to be during the first trimester of the pregnancy. The Court also permitted other situations where an abortion could occur within the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. The result was that America had one of the most liberal abortion standards in the world. Abortion therefore has been at the center of the culture war battles since 1973.

The Cultural Contradictions Of Enforced Orthodoxy

Feb 11th, 2023 | By

In last week’s Issues in Perspective, I quoted conservative author Rod Dreher: “. . . The conservative believes that there exists an enduring moral order. That order is made for man, and man is made for it: human nature is a constant, and moral truths are permanent. This word order signifies harmony. There are two aspects or types of order: the inner order of the soul, and the outer order of the commonwealth. . . . The problem of order has been a principal concern of conservatives ever since conservative became a term of politics.” Our 21st century world has experienced the hideous consequences of the collapse of belief in a moral order.

Artificial Intelligence: A Potentially Ominous Technology

Jan 21st, 2023 | By

Years ago my son gave me an article from the journal Wired that envisioned the future of human technology, which will be organized around genetics, robotics and nanotechnology. The article was indeed prophetic for the 21st century. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a synthesis of both robotics and nanotechnology. It is a remarkable advance in human understanding and mastery of the world of technology. As a Christian, I can also view this advance as an example of God’s common grace, enabling humanity to exercise dominion over His world.

The Changing Face Of Protestant Christianity

Jan 7th, 2023 | By

One element of the mission of Issues in Perspective is to provide biblically-centered perspectives on cultural issues. Therefore, periodically I give emphasis to developments within Christianity. Recent census data demonstrate the significant changes occurring within Protestant Christianity. Daniel Sillman of Christianity Today provides a helpful summary of this data.

What If Jesus Had Never Been Born?

Dec 24th, 2022 | By

George Bailey is the hero of that sentimental movie classic associated with Christmas—Frank Capra’s 1946 “It’s A Wonderful Life.” George Bailey’s life was rather ordinary, but it was a life that fell frustratingly short of his ambitious dreams. Fateful decisions, piercing disappointments and the relentless threat of his nemesis, Mr. Potter, lead George to a moment of great despair: He is ready to jump off a bridge. But, through the intervention of an implausible angel named Clarence, George gets to see what his world would be like if he had never been born.

The Words We Speak: Evangelicals “Speak” To Our Culture

Dec 3rd, 2022 | By

James, the brother of Jesus, explains that “the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course of life, and set on fire by hell.” Later in the same chapter he declares that “if you have bitter jealousy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast and be false to the truth.” [ESV]

Thanksgiving In Historical Perspective

Nov 26th, 2022 | By

When did the national day of Thanksgiving begin in the United States? After the United States had completed its Constitution in 1787 and the new Congress was in session, the Congress proposed that the Bill of Rights be added to the Constitution as the first 10 amendments. (The Bill of Rights was one of the conditions for ratification of the Constitution). Representative Elias Boudinot of New Jersey and Connecticut Congressman Roger Sherman proposed that President Washington declare a national day of Thanksgiving, with “one voice, in returning to Almighty God their sincere thanks for the many blessings He had poured down upon them.”

Teachers And The Crisis In American Public Education

Nov 19th, 2022 | By

Most educators agree that public education in America is in crisis. This crisis is multi-faceted, but no matter how one examines this crisis, teachers are the most important facet of education. They spend the most time with America’s youth and their impact can be enormous.