Are You Guilty of Speciesism?

Jan 28th, 2012 | By

One of my favorite writers is Andree Seu, who writes for the magazine World. In her most recent column, she writes of reading through a bird magazine she bought at a local PetSmart store. One article particularly in this magazine caused her to write of the author: ?. . . by the end of her remarks I felt just a little bit ashamed of being human??

Thinking about the ?God Particle?

Jan 7th, 2012 | By

Basic to any understanding of physics is the concept of mass. Why do particles of nature have mass? This is obviously a fundamental question of physics but one that is inscrutably difficult to answer.

Culture and the Christian: Separate, Identify or Transform?

Dec 31st, 2011 | By

As we begin 2012, as Americans and as evangelicals, we will face, no doubt, huge challenges?the economy, foreign policy challenges, and a national presidential election to name a few. To at least create a framework for answering questions that arise, the entire Issues in Perspective is devoted to the question.

Christmas: Themes of Hallelujah and Worship

Dec 24th, 2011 | By

Sometime during the 2011 Christmas season, you have no doubt heard the reverberating words from George Friderich Handel?s imposing oratorio, Messiah.

Charles Dickens and the Message of Christmas

Dec 24th, 2011 | By

For over 150 years Charles Dickens? story of the miserly, miserable Ebenezer Scrooge and his three ghosts has been a regular Christmas tradition throughout Western Civilization.

The Hope of Christmas

Dec 24th, 2011 | By

One of my favorite books, or actually series of books, is The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. In the first book of the series, Narnia is frozen in a seemingly permanent state of cold, frigid winter. There is never spring and there is never Christmas.

Sound Doctrine and Joel Osteen

Dec 10th, 2011 | By

In his Pastoral Epistles (1 and 2 Timothy and Titus), the Apostle Paul argues very compellingly that ?sound doctrine? produces godly living. The two are thereby inextricably linked.

?We Gather Together?: A Thanksgiving Hymn in Historical Perspective

Nov 26th, 2011 | By

This is Thanksgiving weekend and it is appropriate in this edition of Issues in Perspective to focus on Thanksgiving. To that end, I want to concentrate on the Thanksgiving hymn, ?We Gather Together.?

How Do I Build Bridges to Mormons?

Sep 24th, 2011 | By

Mormonism has a strong commitment to the spiritual world, the realm beyond the physical; it is possible to connect with this spiritual world through the specific activities of the believer. As Bible-centered Christians, we believe that as well, but teach clearly that a relationship with God is possible only through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).

Jesus as a Liberator of Women

Sep 17th, 2011 | By

Without question, one of the most hotly debated issues in American evangelicalism is the role of women in the church. One issue that cannot be debated, however, is that the Scriptures affirm the equality of men and women, both in the image of God, in their position in Christ and as joint heirs.