Genesis 2:8-25

Apr 8th, 2016 | By | Category: Bible Study Podcast

man-and-woman-holding-hands-in-sunsetA continuation of Genesis 2: God’s creation of humans to populate & have dominion over His world, and the creation of the institution of marriage.

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  1. Steve sawyer says:

    I enjoyed the commentary about your thoughts on these verses and your comments about what a helpmate is One that strengthens those areas where we are week I think that’s very well put it is very unique how God created us to complement one another. A dependency upon one another just as we are the model for being dependent on God for everything that we need. Even though our spouse cannot fill the void that we have a need for our heavenly father very interesting how God is placed a person in our lives that can so profoundly impact us to bring glory to God in our weaknesses.
    Thanks Steve Sawyer