Revelation 1:16-2:6

Oct 2nd, 2015 | By | Category: Bible Study Podcast

jesus-reaching-outJohn shares Jesus’ words from his vision as he addresses the church at Ephesus, commending them for their endurance, and reminding them how they’ve lost their sense of their first love, Jesus. ¬†We are reminded today that without love, the Church’s work is lifeless.

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  1. Sherri Jones says:

    Dr, Eckman,
    I am currently studying the book of Revelation. I reside in NW Iowa and so appreciate your teaching. I just came across your podcast on Revelation and it has blessed me.

    Would there be any way I could order one of your class guides? The maps and charts you have talked about would be great for me to use as I listen online.

    Thanks so much.