How Do I Build Bridges to Mormons?

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Bridge #1: Mormonism has a strong commitment to the spiritual world, the realm beyond the physical; it is possible to connect with this spiritual world through the specific activities of the believer.  As Bible-centered Christians, we believe that as well, but teach clearly that a relationship with God is possible only through Jesus Christ (John 14:6).  In effect, as we build a relationship with Mormons, we must keep coming back to Jesus–He is the only Way!  Through our lifestyle and our words, we can demonstrate that truth.  They believe in a spiritual world but they simply do not have certainty on how to get there.

Bridge #2: Mormons read the Bible but through the grid of their cult.  The Book of Mormon is needed to truly explain what the Bible teaches.  The result is that the Bible is not enough.  We must be ready to demonstrate an apologetic for the Bible as the unique Word of God.  We must also be prepared to use God?s Word to demonstrate the deity of Jesus, the unique saving work of Jesus and the clarity that salvation is through faith in Jesus, not through works.  It is important to keep the focus on God?s Word, not their books.  God will honor the use of His Word and if they do not want to discuss the Bible, then do not get engaged in a conversation about their written works, unless you have adequately studied them.  Remember, it is not your job to change a Mormon; that is God?s business.  Your job is to be a faithful witness of the truth revealed in the Bible.

Bridge #3: As with Christianity, Mormonism calls for an intense commitment.  Few Mormons joined the LDS church because they were drawn initially to the Book of Mormon.  The LDS meets basic human needs:  the need to belong, to have fellowship, to have a sense of identity and purpose, to be affirmed as a person, to have answers for life?s enduring problems.  Also, many become Mormons because of the need for authority and certainty in their lives.  For the Mormon, there is little ambiguity.

Therefore, we must not only be willing to demonstrate the trustworthiness of the Bible and the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, but also the authenticity and genuineness of biblical Christianity.  The fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) are powerful manifestations of that authenticity.  Christians must also manifest the same intense commitment to Jesus and to truth that cultists manifest.  We have the answers and we have the truth.  The supernatural nature of our ?walk? must match the power of our words.

In Acts 17:16-34, the Apostle Paul met the Athenian philosophers on their own turf.  He recognized their spiritual need, recognized their religiosity and recognized their quest for truth; but he demonstrated the inadequacy of these by pointing them correctly to Jesus.  That must be our methodology as we seek to build bridges to Mormons.

See James P. Eckman, The Truth About Worldviews, pp. 89-98. PRINT PDF

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