Cultural Madness In America, 2022

Jul 30th, 2022 | By

American culture in 2022 bears every evidence of a madness that defies reason and common sense. Quite frankly, it manifests an utter foolishness. As Chuck Colson used to declare, what was once unthinkable becomes debatable and gradually becomes acceptable. Such foolishness and madness reflects the downward spiral of evil explained by the Apostle Paul in Romans 1:18-32. Consider these three examples of cultural madness.

Romans 5:1-5:11

Jul 29th, 2022 | By

The Apostle Paul develops the doctrine of our reconciliation with God through the finished work of Jesus Christ. Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Buzz it up Share via MySpace share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

Nuclear War: Pondering The Unthinkable

Jul 23rd, 2022 | By

Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 by warning of a nuclear strike. “Having exalted Russia’s atomic arsenal and promised Ukraine’s subjugation, he threatened countries tempted to interfere with consequences ‘such as you have never seen in your entire history.’ Russian TV has since tantalized viewers with chit-chat about Armageddon.” Even if he never uses the bomb in Ukraine, Putin has thus already upset the nuclear order.

Romans 4:1-4:25

Jul 22nd, 2022 | By

Paul answers the important question, “How was Abraham justified?”

Thinking Biblically About Cruelty And Evil

Jul 16th, 2022 | By

We are living in an age awash in cruelty—not only with abuse scandals, but also with political barbarism and the horrific atrocities in Ukraine. But perhaps the most disheartening are the mass shootings we have witnessed these past few months: The vicious, racially motivated slaughter in Buffalo (10 killed and 3 wounded by a white gunman, an adherent to the pernicious racist conspiracy theory) and the unimaginable heartbreak in Uvalde, Texas—19 Robb Elementary children and 2 teachers: “Children having their tomorrows taken away.”

Romans 3:21-3:31

Jul 15th, 2022 | By

The saving Righteousness and the judging righteousness of God meet at the cross making it possible for God to justify all those who place their faith In Jesus and His finished work.

The Systematic Crisis In The Southern Baptist Convention

Jul 9th, 2022 | By

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is in grave crisis. In May, the SBC released a report, the “Report of the Independent Investigation,” produced by a third-party investigator, Guidepost Solutions, and totaling almost 300 pages, which “alleged that the denomination’s top leaders had suppressed reports of sexual abuse, opposed proposals for reform, and denigrated and discouraged abuse victims who approached them for help. One of the report’s most shocking revelations was the existence of an internal list of 703 suspected abusers, compiled by an employee of the denomination’s executive committee, its national leadership body.”

Romans 3:1-3:20

Jul 8th, 2022 | By

Paul answers three Jewish objections and then demonstrates the universal depravity of all humanity.

The End Of Roe v. Wade: Now What?

Jul 2nd, 2022 | By

First, a review of the 1973 Roe decision. In December 1971, the Court heard oral arguments brought by an anonymous plaintiff, which contended that the Texas laws forbidding her from having an abortion were unconstitutional. A majority of the justices agreed. Harry Blackman was assigned the responsibility to write the opinion, but he was uncertain where in the Constitution this legal right was grounded and how late in the pregnancy the right was to be granted. He grounded his decision on an implied right of privacy found in the Constitution.

Romans 2:1-2:16

Jul 1st, 2022 | By

Paul reviews the witness of God’s law on our hearts and the witness of human conscience.