American Exceptionalism, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin

Feb 25th, 2017 | By

America is exceptional and unique. Its exceptionalism has a moral, an ethical, a spiritual and a political dimension to it. There really is no other nation quite like the US?and that is at the heart of its exceptionalism. Let me highlight a few of these distinctive aspects. The United States was birthed as a nation when two powerful forces came together in the 18th century?the desire for both political liberty and religious liberty.

Exodus 8:1-10:11

Feb 24th, 2017 | By

The 10 Plagues continue – Jehovah versus the Gods of Egypt

Postmodern Perceptions of Biblical Christianity

Feb 18th, 2017 | By

The Postmodern, Post-Christian nature of Western Civilization reflects a change in how Postmodern people perceive biblical Christianity. For much of the late 20th century, genuine, biblical Christianity was regarded as irrelevant. In the early 21st century, it is regarded as bad for society. A recent study by the Barna Group, which is also reflected in David Kinnaman?s book, Good Faith, examines the perceptions of faith and Christianity in our Postmodern culture. The conclusion is that millions of adults now view biblical Christianity as extremist. Four short statements summarize Kinnaman?s research:

Exodus 6:1-7:25

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God prepares Moses for another encounter with Pharaoh, and leads the way to the 10 Plagues.

Should We Grow Transplantable Organs for People in Animals?

Feb 11th, 2017 | By

For the first time, biologists have succeeded in growing human stem cells in pig embryos, increasing the possibility that one day soon we may develop human organs in animals for later transplant. . . This means that the human-organ-growing pigs would be examples of chimeras?animals composed of two different genomes?a human and a pig. When the human stem cells are implanted into an early pig embryo, the result is an animal composed of mixed pig and human cells.

The Triumph of Secularism: It Is Now ?Impossible to Believe?

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According to a 2015 Pew survey, 36% of those born between 1990 and 1996 in the US are religiously unaffiliated. Further, church attendance is collapsing among young people?only 27% of millennials attend religious services regularly. With the triumph of a secular worldview, American Christianity is in crisis. The Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution and the digital revolution have all combined to produce a diluted, superficial, shallow Christianity. For many, the Modern and now the Postmodern nature of culture have made God not only irrelevant but no longer necessary.

Exodus 4:18-5:22

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Moses returns to Egypt, where he & Aaron appear before Pharaoh; Pharaoh does not respond well & increase the People of Israel’s work burden.